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Air pollution in agriculture

Bio-based circular solutions


31. January 2024

The Polish-Danish agro and biogas collaboration: Paving the way for resource-efficient and climate-friendly agricultural solutions

Poland and Denmark's collaboration paves the way for green growth and new business opportunities. Explore climate-friendly solutions within agriculture and biogas, and start the journey today.
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Poland and Denmark have a strong bond and a rich history of partnerships. With strong trade relations between the two nations, and the high demand for climate-friendly products, solutions and services, the way is paved for Polish-Danish partnerships that can accelerate the transformation towards a more resource-efficient agricultural sector in Poland.

With a rich history as a farming country, Denmark has set targets to transform global food systems for a more sustainable and resilient future. This effort is led by public-private partnerships and resource-efficient agrifood solutions, including everything from genetics, feed solutions, automation, slurry management, biogas, and grid integration.

Discover the Polish-Danish agro & biogas collaboration

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