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Renew Energy

Renew Energy

About Renew Energy

Renew Energy's biorefinery solutions are based on more than 30 years of experience with national and international projects, and over the years we have designed many large-scale facilities all over the world. Together with the customers and partners, Renew is thrilled to develop alternative solutions to meet their individual demands. Renew is dedicated to pursuing recycling all the organic waste to renewable resources, as we believe there is no such thing as organic waste apart from wasted opportunities.


Founded: 2007

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Svendborg, Denmark

Organisation type: Company





Recycling of waste to material

Waste management

Renew Energy is an engineering services company, providing focused consulting in sustainable bioenergy production. Our expertise benefits local and international customers by designing effective conversion processes for the agricultural, food, and distillation sectors.

The Renew Energy team draws on senior expertise in environmentally conscious engineering, engaging and guiding the best new talent available. Together with our strategic partnerships, Renew Energy’s competencies make it a reliable, visionary, and innovative technology provider. The quality solutions are based on experienced knowledge of the bioenergy sector, and the needs of our customers.

The biogas production technology is Renew Energy’s basic model for conversion of waste to energy and at the same time the precursor for nutrient recovery. Bacteria convert biomass into valuable fertilizers and environmentally friendly biogas. Examples of biomass are livestock manures, organic residuals such as waste from food industries or bio-ethanol plants  and energy crops.

At Renew Energy, we aim at delivering complete solutions that bring value to all aspects in sustainable bioenergy projects. Biogas is the key to more than renewable energy and is together with nutrient recovery combined in our biorefinery concept.

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