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The Polish-Danish agro and biogas alliance

The official visit to Poland is led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Poland and Denmark have a strong bond and a rich history of partnerships. With strong trade relations between the two nations, and the high demand for climate-friendly products, solutions and services, the way is paved for Polish-Danish partnerships that can accelerate the transformation towards a more resource-efficient agricultural sector in Poland.

With a rich history as a farming country, Denmark has set targets to transform global food systems for a more sustainable and resilient future. This effort is led by public-private partnerships and resource-efficient agrifood solutions, including everything from genetics, feed solutions, automation, slurry management, biogas, and grid integration.

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Get insights and cases from Denmark's journey to decarbonise its agrofood sector in this free publication.

Insights and perspectives

Transforming global food systems for a more sustainable and resilient future

Launched at COP28, this white paper examines pathways toward a resilient, resource-efficient and decarbonised agrifood system.
Discover the white paper

Denmark’s road to resource-efficient industries

Get an introduction to the Danish journey towards energy efficiency in industries, through resource-efficient solutions within food and beverage production.
Discover the article

Discover Polish publications on the agro-food sector

Discover several Polish publications through Food Nations toolbox. Among them a white paper on Danish innovative technology for the global agri-food sector.
Discover the publications

Connect with solution providers

CIP - Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

CIP is the world’s largest dedicated fund manager within greenfield renewable energy investments and a global leader in offshore wind.
Discover CIP


VikingGenetics, has helped dairy farmers for decades breeding healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows.
Discover VikingGenetics

Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen works to enable sustainable agriculture, better food and healthier living for more people around the world
Discover Chr. Hansen

Nature Energy

Nature Energy is a leader in the green transition and a biogas pioneer.
Discover Nature Energy

Vestjyllands Andel Amba

Vestjyllands Andel is an authentic cooperative society striving to deliver products, knowledge and advice that helps and develops our customers' and members' business
Discover Vestjyllands Andels AMBA

Renew Energy A/S

Renew Energy A/S is an engineering services company, providing focused consulting in sustainable bioenergy production.
Discover Renew Energy

UXV Technologies

UXV Technologies is a global leader in developing, designing, and producing pioneering robot technology for business and government clients.
Discover UXV Technologies

Salling Group

Salling Group's history stretches back more than 100 years to 1906. Over the years, the company has developed dramatically, and what began as a small draper’s shop in Aarhus is today an international retailing group.
Discover Salling

A-consult Agro A/S

With a focus on the environment and climate, for more than 30 years A-Concult Agro has been designing and building containers for a wide range of applications in the agricultural, biogas, industrial and water treatment sectors.
Discover A-consult Agro A/S

Ammongas A/S

Ammongas is a Danish manufacturer of environmental plants, founded in 2002 with over 40 plants across the Nordic region.
Discover Ammongas

Calsberg Polska

Calsberg Polska is one of three major players within the Polish beer market. The brewery - part of Calsberg Group - sells its well-known products that is enjoyed by millions across europe and the rest of the world.
Discover Calsberg Polska:

Danish Crown

Danish Crown is one of Denmark's largest pork and beef producers working to create more sustainable food production.
Discover Danish Crown

Eurowind Energy A/S

Eurowind Energy develops, builds and operates energy parks. The company is dedicated to integrate local and long-term solutions, believing that the energy of the future is renewable, clean and infinite.
Discover Eurowind Energy


Goodvalley is a food producer, passionate about creating new ways to produce excellent quality food while having the utmost respect for nature.
Discover Goodvalley


Using groundbreaking technology, Green2x transforms natural leftovers to bioenergy on a global scale
Discover Green2x

GreenFarm™ Aps

GreenFarm™ is a groundbreaking concept for reducing greenhouse gases from the agricultural sector.
Discover GreenFarm

Lantmännen Unibake Poland

Lantmännen Unibake is a world leader in bakery products.
Discover Läntmannen Unibake Poland

Nature Energy

Nature Energy owns and operates 11 biogas plants located throughout Denmark, and operate one plant in France while more projects are in the pipeline.
Discover Nature Energy

Rud Pedersen Group

The Rud Pedersen Group is a fast-growing public affairs and strategic communications consultancy comprised of Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, King Street, RP People, Welcom, Fabula, VA, CNTVRS, META Advisory and RetiEspaña across 16 European offices.
Discover Rud Pedersen


Vilofoss is a supplier of feed products, including minerals for pigs and cattle, as well as farm minerals, organic minerals, birthing and starting aid, manure management, hygiene, iron products, milk replacers, care products, vitamins and minerals, and more.
Discover Vilofoss

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