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Vertical farming provides sustainable vegetables, all year round

8. September 2023

Solution provider

Nordic Harvest

Nordic Harvest is dedicated to establishing a genuinely sustainable food production model that not only addresses these issues, but also effectively counteracts them. Operating from one of the world's largest vertical farms located in Taastrup, Nordic Harvest provides locally grown and environmentally friendly greens.

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Projections estimate that the global population will reach 10 billion individuals by 2050. As of today, we are steadily approaching the 8 billion mark. However, half of Earth’s land surface is already cleared for food production – and this proportion only seems to increase. Wetlands are drained, forests are cleared, and aquatic ecosystems are depleting relative to Earth’s growing population.

Furthermore, significant quantities of fresh produce are being imported from foreign countries due to lower production costs, which in return contributes to detrimental carbon emissions through transportation. While this approach helps fulfil the world’s nutritional needs, it regrettably results in global environmental deterioration and declining animal and insect populations.


In one of the world’s largest vertical farms, Nordic Harvest successfully cultivates 250 tons of fresh greens annually using a 14-story vertical farming approach in their Taastrup-facility. The plants are growing free from soil in nutrient-enriched water while being completely soil-free. Their need for photosynthesis is catered to by LED lighting, and to enhance their growth further, controlled amounts of CO2 are released into the air.

This facility grants Nordic Harvest the capability to regulate factors like air moisture and temperature, irrespectively of changing seasons, wind, and weather. Operating within this controlled and closely monitored environment, the plants experience optimal growth conditions, shielded from external threats such as pests, fungal spores, bacteria, and unwanted particles.


As a result, Nordic Harvest’ plants thrive in a pesticide free and hazardless environment enabling them to grow from seedling to sprout in only 2 to 3 weeks. This
atmosphere allows them to develop from seedlings to sprout within a short span.

Throughout this growth journey, the production process utilises 90-95 percent less water and 60-65 percent less fertilizer compared to traditional cultivated land methods. Adding to these benefits, locally sourced production significantly lowers carbon emissions, avoiding the need to import vegetables from abroad.

By only using wind energy for cultivating and embracing a hydroponic growth method within their 14-story vertical farm facility, Nordic Harvest holds the potential to make
Denmark self-sufficient in lettuce, cabbage, and herbs using an area equivalent to just 20 football fields.