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16. September 2022

Playbook: How to engage the private sector in climate action plans

Learnings from the Danish climate partnerships on the road to 70% greenhouse gas emissions reduction.
Climate Partnership Playbook
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14 Climate Partnerships

The Danish Climate Partnerships

Denmark has a national, legally mandated target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030. To assist in achieving this goal, Denmark established 14 public-private partnerships in 2019, each of which represent a key sector of the Danish economy. The transformative potential of the partnerships is their ability to serve as a blueprint for other countries on how to engage the private sector in developing climate action plans.

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The purpose of the Playbook

The need to act on climate is virtually undisputed. Instead, debates now revolve around how to structure efforts optimally. What is evident is that transitioning to sustainable societies and achieving net-zero will not be achieved by governments alone. If we are to find a just and financially viable path, we need to engage all actors, including the private sector. Public-private partnerships can be a highly effective way to structure collaboration and effect real change.

Who is it for?

This playbook is intended for policymakers, civil servants, and professionals who want to devise ambitious climate targets and reach them through cross-sector collaboration.

While public-private partnerships are not without their challenges, the urgent need for climate action unites the public and private sector in achieving a shared goal. When done right, they create substantial progress.

The Danish Climate Partnerships are a successful example of how the public and private sectors can work together to supercharge climate action. By sharing the learnings and achievements from these public-private partnerships, we present a model for climate action that can be implemented globally.

Building on Denmark’s experience with the Climate Partnerships, this Playbook will help you determine relevant aspects to include in climate action plans that encompass both public and private sector engagement as well as how to increase the likelihood of their success.

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How to use the Playbook

To assist readers, we have structured the information into three different phases. Examples from selected Danish Climate Partnerships can be found throughout the playbook, providing insights and learnings from their specific partnership.


Climate Partnership phases
Climate Partnership Playbook

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