Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Through its global network of missions and experts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark facilitates intelligent cleantech solutions worldwide.

Denmark has gone from being 99% dependent on sources of foreign oil to becoming completely energy self-sufficient. Thirty years of focused energy policy, implemented after the 1973 oil crisis, have catapulted Denmark ahead of most other nations in the use of renewable energy technology.

Denmark leads the way in the wind energy industry. With almost 30,000 people employed in the sector, a combined turnover of EUR 11 billion for the manufacturers, and companies occupying 40% of the world market, Denmark plays a central role in the development of the wind energy industry. Apart from its established successes in wind energy, Denmark has also strong research activities in future technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cell, with leading-edge research programmes at the Danish Technical University.

One of the main objectives in the energy area today is to promote the use of Clean technology and every year, as part of this strategy, renewable energy accounts for an increasing part of the total energy consumption.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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