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Smart energy systems

Smart grid

Towards a stable, sustainable, and more intelligent energy system

In the transition towards a fossil-free energy system, it is important to find a way to balance consumption and production in an economically satisfactory manner and to include a high share of fluctuating renewable energy sources.

Close to 70 % of Denmark’s electricity consumption is based on renewable energy, enabled by a smart, flexible energy system that integrates systems across gas, electricity, thermal energy, and transportation. This also implies solving challenges of storage of electricity, as well as using smart, digital solutions and data to ensure reliable and green energy for cities and societies.

Denmark’s visionary approach to a balanced energy system is ideal to large-scale tests of power grids through living labs and advanced research facilities.

Towards 100 % independence of fossil fuels

By 2050, Denmark will be 100 % independent of fossil fuels, and we are already on the road to a greener and more intelligent energy system. Today, close to 70 % of Denmark’s electricity consumption is based on renewable energy sources, and we have more than 100 years of experience with international power connections to the Swedish, Norwegian and German grids, allowing export and import of renewable electricity.

From central to dispersed electricity generation

Traditionally, electricity flows have gone downstream from the transmission grid to the distribution grid, but today as much as 50 % of the electricity produced in Denmark flows directly into the distribution grid to find the consumers without ever reaching the transmission grid. This share is expected to increase. In other words, the requirements of the distribution network are increasing in complexity and balancing production and consumption is becoming more challenging.

Smart energy systems for all

Danish technology and know-how in the field of smart energy systems are applied not only in Denmark but all over the world. Moreover, Denmark’s visionary approach to creating a stable, sustainable energy system is ideal for large-scale tests of power grids through living labs and advanced research facilities.

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