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10. February 2023

India and Denmark: Energy – a strategic green partnership with global potential

How one of the world’s largest countries and one of the smallest join forces to create a new era of just, green transition. India and Denmark's Green Strategic Partnership paves the way for green growth and new business opportunities. Explore green energy solutions and start the journey today.
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Denmark has the skills, India has the scale

What does a country with five million citizens have in common with the soon-to-be most populous country in the world?

India and Denmark are both committed to accelerating the green transition with ambitious national targets. To this, the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership, signed in 2020, underlines both countries’ huge commitment and sets out a joint roadmap for climate action.

With the Green Strategic Partnership, India and Denmark have chosen each other as preferred partners in the journey toward a green transition. Initiatives are already being instituted within renewable energy, water, waste, agriculture, shipping and more.

“Denmark has the skills, India has the scale, and the world has the need for new technologies,” as Prime Minister Modi said at the announcement. By combining Danish skills and India’s scale with speed, scope, and political will, we can launch a new era of just, green transformation.

To truly leverage the strong partnership and establish a  platform where solutions to water management, energy transition, and sustainable growth are implemented, sustained commitment of businesses from both countries is needed. Efforts are already underway. Since 2018, Denmark and India have cooperated on energy. Initially, the cooperation was focused on offshore wind through a Strategic Sector Cooperation. In 2020, the collaboration was expanded to include long-term energy planning and scenarios as well as flexibility and integration of renewable energy. The IEA estimates that India will be one of the world’s largest markets for renewable energy in the coming years and electricity consumption is expected to triple by 2040.

This corresponds to more than EU’s total electricity consumption today. Offering inspiration and examples of how to aid the green transformation through existing green initiatives, this publication seeks to inspire and instil sustainable Indo-Danish business partnerships.

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We have gathered all you need to know about the green partnership, and brought together inspiring green energy solutions in this free publication.

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