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It’s a Record! 39% of Denmark’s Electricity Consumption Covered by Wind in 2014

In 2004, wind turbines provided 18,8% of Denmark’s electricity consumption. Today, 10 years later, the figure is 39,1% - and in January 2014 alone, Denmark’s wind turbines reached 61,7%. This is according to figures from, the Danish transmission system operator responsible for the security of supply of electricity and gas.

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“We will definitely reach the 2020 targets. We have set a one-of-a-kind world record and it demonstrates that we can reach our actual goal, namely to stop global warming”, says Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Rasmus Helveg Petersen.

According to the wind did not blow to any extraordinary extent in 2014, so the increase of wind power is attributed to an increase in the number of wind turbines, for instance Anholt offshore wind farm’s 111 new turbines.

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The increased average share of wind power accelerates the phase out of fossil fuels:

“I think this gives us opportunities to rid ourselves of coal and increase the rate of the green transition”, says the minister.

Storing energy with large heat pumps
However, reaching next level for the green Danish transition requires that Denmark’s CHP plants become better at utilising the power generated from the wind turbines instead of using fossil fuels, which is why the Danish government has set aside DKK 67,2 million towards a heat pump trial program in order to encourage Danish power plants to embrace the more climate-friendly solution.

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Heat pumps can be used to store energy by using electricity to recover heat from renewable sources when power prices are low due to high production from wind turbines or other sources. This will help balance the power system in Denmark in a future with more fluctuating power production:

"Wind energy development in Denmark is going exceptionally well. We must now ensure that the energy system can keep pace with this development. Denmark is in the process of creating a world-class intelligent energy system, and it is in this area that electrically driven heat pumps will play a central role,“ explained the minister in commenting on unveiling the Budget 2015 back in November 2014. 


Source: DR (Danish Broadcasting Association) / Danish Ministry for Climate, Energy and Building

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