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Green Danish energy production at a record high in the first half of 2022

Danish wind turbines and solar panels have never produced as much green energy as they do right now. And it has perhaps never been more pressing to keep expanding the availability of affordable green energy.

The first half of 2022 has been a record-breaking period for green energy production in Denmark. Danish windmills and solar panels produced 10,9 TWh in the first six months of the year – a significant 12% increase from the previous record from 2020. Another all-time high, the fraction of wind and solar power in the total electricity consumption was 53,3%.

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The record highs come from a new report by Green Power Denmark, welcoming the good news in light of the uncertainties around the global energy market. With the Danish ambitions to power the future with green energy, breaking records must be a reoccurring phenomenon to achieve the national target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and become a net exporter of green energy.

Green energy is the cheapest source of energy

Breaking records for green energy production does not just lower Co2 emissions. Crucially, it has also shielded Danes from some of the economic hardship experienced by other Europeans in a time of high energy prices across the continent. Kamilla Thingvad, Director of Energy Production, Development, and Trade at Green Power Denmark explains:

Our windmills and solar panels will sometimes produce enough electricity to completely cover Danish demand. They do it at a very low cost, since green power from windmills and solar panels is the cheapest source of energy. Therefore, we do not have to pay for a much more expensive coal or gas plant to produce any additional energy. The green transition is the solution to high energy prices and is good business for our citizens, companies, and the society at large.

That green business is good business has been especially evident in the first six months of 2022. The export of green electricity from Denmark has been 9,2 TWh, which is a 19% increase compared to the same period last year. While uncertainty around the European energy market has undeniably driven the numbers upwards, it does not negate the fact that we must continue pursuing the path of making cheap green energy available to all.

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