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Offshore wind

Blaest are testing the next generation of wind turbine blades

Several companies in Aalborg are moving forward on the green agenda. Blaest is certainly one of them and recently they launched a new test rig enabling the next generation of wind turbine blades to be tested.

The test centre Blaest at the east port in Aalborg is one of the renowned wind energy pioneers in Denmark and they passed yet another remarkable milestone last week. They continue to adapt to the rapidly growing market within wind energy and their new cutting-edge test rig is setting the stage for the future wind turbine blades of +120 meters. The launch featured a demonstration test of a 115-meter-long blade, which will be installed on Siemens Gamesa’s flagship offshore wind turbine.

The new test rig introduces groundbreaking features, including the ability for blades to tilt and rotate on their own axis. This enhances the efficiency of the new test rig, because the blades don’t need to be lifted on and off the test rig and be handled by cranes as frequently as before. Further, it results in both time and manpower savings while also reducing the risk of handling-related injuries.

The new test rig is a step in the right direction, because the market is rapidly expanding, aligning with the need to test larger blades. The offshore wind turbine blades have long surpassed 100 meters and they continue to grow. It is a necessity with better testing facilities if the Danish wind industry needs to maintain their strong position within the field.

Aalborg is one of the best knowledge hubs in the world regarding testing of wind turbine blades. This achievement underscores Aalborg’s global presence, generates local employment opportunities, and contributes significantly to the global effort against climate change.

World-leading test facilities

Aalborg has one of the highest concentration of blade testing facilities in the world and work alongside numerous frontrunners in wind energy technology such as Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and BLAEST. Growth and increasing competition on the global wind energy market has increased. Further, the wind turbine blades continues to grow, where Blaest are working on the possibilities for testing the larger blades as the market grows. Consequently, this ensures Aalborg is one of the world’s leading test sites and plays a key role in the industry.

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