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30 nov 2023 - 12 Dec 2023


Denmark Pavilion, Blue Zone, B6 75


Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Industry, State of Green

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See the full programme for events at the Denmark Pavilion at COP28.

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A platform for public-private climate action

Denmark has set an ambitious climate goal: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030. COP28 will be an unprecedented opportunity to discuss and share the green solutions needed to reach both national and global climate targets.

That is why Denmark and +30 Danish public and private partners are present at the Danish Pavilion in the Blue Zone at COP28 – to share solutions, inspire for change and build partnerships.

Below, you will find an overview of the full programme at the Danish Pavillion at COP28 in Dubai.

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Day-by-day programme overview

Explore the day by day programme at the Denmark Pavilion. Scroll further down for more information about each side-event.
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Full programme overview

Explore the programme for Denmark Pavilion. Scroll further down for more information about each side-event.
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Programme - The Denmark Platform

WEEK 1 (30 Nov - 6 Dec)

WEEK 2 (7 Dec - 12 Dec)









7 December

00:00 - 00:00


No events at Denmark Pavilion


8 December

09:30 - 18:00


View the full programme for the Danish Pavilion on December 8th.

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10:30 - 11:00

Press Brief Negotioation Status

Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities

11:15 - 12:15

How to decarbonise 100 million tons of CO2? The challenge of decarbonising the value chain

The event will dive into the challenges and opportunities of decarbonising the value chain, upstream and downstream journey's and how key levers of partnership, future technologies, and business models can drive decarbonisation upstream and downstream.

Partner: Grundfos

Living Places VELUX

13:30 - 14:30

Advancing net-zero carbon materials: bridging the gap between vision and action

This discussion will underscore that the transition to net-zero carbon materials is within reach. By uniting private capital, corporate commitment, and strategic regulations, we can turn the UNEP Report's vision into a reality, ushering in a sustainable future for the construction industry.

Organiser: VELUX & KOMPAS VC

15:00 - 16:00

Decarbonising shipping has a nature positive impact on marine biodiversity and ecosystems

This event will explore shipping’s short and long-term impact on ocean health, productivity and biodiversity, identify links between actions to decarbonise and to protect ocean health and anchor these in the shipping community through best practice.

Partners: High Level Climate Champions, UN Foundation, Sustainable Shipping Initiative


9 December

09:30 - 18:00


View the full programme for the Danish Pavilion on December 9th.

View the programme

11:00 - 12:00

Closing the time gap on environmental permitting

This event explores how we reduce consent time and still have due process and proper environmental impact analysis and how digitising and AI shows great promise in fast-tracking environmental permits. The event will also emphasise the importance of sharing the blueprints for digital environmental permitting, enabling wider adoption of efficient practices.

Partner: cBrain

12:15 - 13:15

Beyond the peak: planning for Just Transitions in oil and gas

This panel event will bring together and share cutting-edge research and analysis exploring key dimensions of the just transition from oil and gas dependency, and the role that different actors must play in planning for a timely and equitable transition away from oil and gas production and use.

Partners: Climate Strategies, NRGI, Oil & Gas Transitions

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