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Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

About Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter is a Copenhagen based landscape architecture studio, that specializes in climate change adaptation and have gained great recognition for our expertise and experience with water management and nature-based solutions.


Founded: 1989

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Copenhagen

Organisation type: Company


Climate change adaptation


Flood prevention

Nature based solutions

Urban water management


The climate is changing and the need for adaptation is only getting more relevant. Especially in relation to our cities, where grey surfaces and a minimum of green spaces are creating many problems with floodings and sewage overflow.

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter has since its founding in 1989 been dealing with sustainability and the environment, particularly in an urban context. This includes water management, which is a field in constant development and the studio’s knowledge and understanding of this field is continually up for revision.

Since 1994 the studio has been working with rainwater harvesting, being the local collection and storage of rainwater. The studio has gained great experience with the technical and aesthetical solutions of rainwater harvesting, but also about plants, planting, establishment and the subsequent management of these projects.

With more than 60 projects established, Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter will continue seeking to learn, evolve and create innovative climate projects for the future.

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