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Climate change adaptation

Nature based solutions

Bülows Vej – A road for the future

20. February 2023

Solution provider

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter is a Copenhagen based landscape architecture studio, that specializes in climate change adaptation and have gained great recognition for our expertise and experience with water management and nature-based solutions.

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Climate adaptation projects are becoming an increasingly larger part of the urban environment. Dealing with climate change is relevant both in the smaller and larger scale and can with great impact, be incorporated into our roads, streets and parking spaces, which often is dominated by grey surfaces.

This case shows how to create a climate project, with significant climate adaptation and visual quality, without compromising the transportation and parking requirements of the area.


The Green Lane

In-between the bicycle path and the parking, an over 200 meter long green lane is constructed to infiltrate rainwater, which thereafter is stored in a membrane underlying the bicycle path and green lane. The membrane is made with a combination of macadam and plant growth material.

Storage of water

The entire area, which includes the main road of Bülows Vej together with the bicycle path and the green lane, can manage up to 383 m3 water. 115 m3 from the road and 263 m3 in the membrane.

Water is infiltrated both from the terrain into the green lane and also underground, through perforated wells directly to the membrane.


Intertwining green

This case presents a run-down road getting renewed life and use by turning it into a climate road that can manage large volumes of water.

Along with the excessive water management, the green lane is vegetated with various trees, bushes and plants attracting insects and creating aesthetic value to the road.

Inspiring water management

The method used in this case, optimizes the water volume capacity, while also giving the best conditions for the vegetation, which optimizes the infiltration of water.