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Nature based solutions

The Virumpark – Recreating nature

20. February 2023

Solution provider

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter is a Copenhagen based landscape architecture studio, that specializes in climate change adaptation and have gained great recognition for our expertise and experience with water management and nature-based solutions.

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When preparing for the changing climate in urban and suburban areas it means rethinking and reshaping the urban landscape. The Green spaces in urban and semi urban areas hold great potential in dealing with heavier rain events. Green spaces naturally enable infiltration, but is less capable of storing water, as not enough green spaces have larger water bodies. This case solves that exact problem, as the project recreates an artificial water body in a wet area in the Virumpark.


A water element

This case is part of a greater project, which also includes a number of green rainbed’s in the surrounding residential areas. In the Virumpark, an existing wet area was emptied and basins were placed together with vegetation fitting for the area. In case of a cloudburst, the water is led from the surrounding rainbed’s to the Virumpark.

Virum Park


The greater project secures a larger area in case of cloudbursts, where the risk of flooding’s is minimized for the residents. In addition to this, are water bodies greatly significant to plants, insects and animals and can be hard to come by in an urban context.

A habitat in the city

The water element therefore instantly became a hot spot in the otherwise quite neatly looking park, where visitors of the park have come to see birds and amphibians finding habitat in and around the water body.


Virum Park