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Climate change adaptation

Nature based solutions

P.G. Ramms Allé – A green climate road

20. February 2023

Solution provider

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter is a Copenhagen based landscape architecture studio, that specializes in climate change adaptation and have gained great recognition for our expertise and experience with water management and nature-based solutions.

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There is a great potential in rethinking the use of our streets, squares and general urban spaces, when it comes to the management of water connected to heavier rain events. Green spaces work as a good medium for infiltration of water, but there is often a dominance of grey surfaces in the cities, causing problems with runoff water. In this case a street is transformed by creating a green lane along a bicycle path, where rainwater can be infiltrated, stored and hereafter transported to a basin.


The green lane

The green lane works as an impoundment of rainwater. Water is led from the road, sidewalk and bicycle path into the green lane, where a membrane will storage and slowly infiltrate the water into the sewage system.

The system in P.G. Ramms Allé is connected to the cloud burst system established in and under the Lindevang’s school.

Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter


The water’s way

The green lane infiltrates and storage rainwater, with a partly uptake by the vegetation. In case of heavy rain events the system will transport the rainwater to the greater system in Lindevang’s school. This connection of system’s maximizes the capacities of water, which means that sewage overflow and floodings are minimized or avoided.

The green factor

Additionally, the green lane is working as an aesthetic factor improving the quality of the road for the citizens and adding habitat to various insects and birds.