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Recycling of waste to material

Waste management

AffaldPlus is a Danish waste treatment facility that handles waste from six municipalities on Sealand; Faxe, Næstved, Ringsted, Slagelse, Sorø and Vordingborg. AffaldPlus is responsible for collecting and treating waste from 309.000 residents and 30.000 companies.

At AffaldPlus, we strive to ensure the best possible handling of waste, which entails a focus on reuse and recycling. At our recycling stations the waste is sorted in more than 50 different fractions. Annually, AffaldPlus is able to reuse 80% of the total received waste, which is sold through our four second-hand shops.

We currently operate:

  • 20 recycling stations
  • 12 garden waste sites
  • 4 second-hand shops
  • 1 recycling terminal
  • An education centre, YderZonen
  • 1 biofuel plant
  • 2 energy plants
  • 2 landfills

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