Denmark has the fewest power supply interruptions in Europe

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By State of Green, August 28, 2019

Danish power consumers experienced fewer power supply interruptions than anywhere else in Europe last year, according to a report by Danish Energy.

Looking at the whole year of 2018, electricity in Danish households were involuntarily turned off fewer times than anywhere else in Europe.

The average Danish electricity consumer experienced 0.48 power supply interruptions and a total of 21.9 minutes of blackout during the entire year.

These numbers are unique in Europe, according to a report by Danish Energy. The mouthpiece of domestic power grid companies has studied security of supply in Denmark and compared it to the rest of the  European region. For instance, consumers in Sweden and Norway  experienced  power supply interruptions of 94 and 129 minutes , respectively, in 2018.

“The figures show that Danish electricity grid companies are among the world’s best at ensuring high security of supply – in conjunction with low prices and growth in the proportion of renewable energy. This is unique and something to be upheld,” said  Anders Stouge, Deputy CEO of Danish Energy.

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The challenge of future supply security

A green and electric future with more electric vehicles, heat pumps and solar cells means that by 2030, the electricity grid will carry about 40 per cent more energy than today, which will put forward new challenges to the security of supply.

An analysis from Danish Energy shows that electricity grid companies must invest 3.8 billion EUR up to 2030 to ensure that the electricity grid can meet the same supply demand as today with the same security of supply.

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Click here to read the report (in Danish).

Sources: Dansk Energi (dk), EnergyWatch

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