Denmark and Vietnam codevelop the first Vietnamese Technology Catalogue on energy

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By State of Green, May 20, 2019

The Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority of Vietnam (EREA) and the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) launched Vietnam’s first ever Technology Catalogue. Based on the Danish example, it is customized to represent Vietnamese conditions. The energy partnership between Vietnam and Denmark is part of the Danish effort to support green transitioning globally and is financed in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The new Technology Catalogue provides Vietnam with a strong foundation for optimisation of its energy system and long term planning of the country’s green transition. The Catalogue contains data about current and future energy technologies, for which reason it is considered an important instrument by policymakers dealing with the long term efforts of the transition of the Danish energy system.

The Technology Catalogue was launched on Thursday May 16th in Hanoi.

A Catalogue to promote sustainable development of the Vietnamese energy sector

The Technology Catalogue contains information about the most relevant electricity producing technologies. Among other things, the data demonstrates, that the costs of production of electricity from both wind and solar are expected to decrease significantly. With the new data, Vietnamese authorities will have a better opportunity to plan the development of the energy sector. Ultimately, this could create a cheaper and greener energy system that would benefit both consumers and climate.

The Vietnamese Technology Catalogue has been developed by the Danish Energy Agency in cooperation with the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (EREA) under the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). The catalogue has been developed in an open process and it will be made publically available for all interested parties, which will provide the Vietnamese energy sector with the newest data and a common point of reference.

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DEPP: The joint Danish-Vietnamese Energy Partnership Programme 

The government of Vietnam has adopted an ambitious strategy for renewable energy deployment in the power sector. To assist the implementation of this strategy, Denmark has helped develop capacity in the field of power sector planning, using Danish tools and approaches to effectively integrate large amounts of renewable energy.

In 2017 a power planning model was developed for Vietnam and MOIT and DEA have jointly published the first Vietnamese Energy Outlook Report in 2017. The Energy Outlook Report 2017 also provides valuable information, which policymakers can consult when deciding on the long-term development of the Vietnamese energy sector. This is now further supported by the Technology Catalogue, which provides Vietnamese authorities with high quality data about new and future electricity producing technologies.

An updated Energy Outlook Report will be published by autumn 2019.

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