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Food Production with Renewable Energy as a positive Side Effect
The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is a private professional association, whose aim is to secure the interests of the Danish agriculture and food industry.

The Danish agriculture and food industry, and the agro-industry have developed climate solutions to support food production since the 1970’s. The solutions support climate-friendly food production as well as bio-energy production. For instance Denmark is a world leader in terms of biogas technology as well the use of straw for energy production. For that reason Danish agriculture has reduced emissions of greenhouse gases by 27% since 1990.

The primary objective of the Danish agriculture and food industry is to produce food. However, biomass for energy is integrated in the food production, which contributes to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bio-energy currently contributes more than 70% of total renewable energy production in Denmark – and most of the biomass comes from agriculture in the form of straw, manure, energy crops, animal by-products and other residues from food production.

Did you know that:

  • Residues from the Danish food industry are recycled in biogas plants together with livestock manure
  • A large part of excess straw from agriculture is used for the production of renewable energy
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Danish Agriculture and Food Council
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