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Scandinavia’s largest offshore wind farm

23 August 2019

The 49 wind turbines on  the Horns Rev offshore wind farm, which is situated 25-40 km off Denmark’s west coast in the North Sea will increase the Danish power production from wind by around 12 per cent. Enough to power the yearly consumption in 425,000 Danish households.

“Horns Rev 3 is the largest offshore wind farm in Scandinavia and shows our commitment to Denmark’s ongoing transition to a renewable energy system. The wind farm is a significant contribution to Vattenfall´s production portfolio and takes us one step further in our ambition to enable a fossil-free living within one generation”, says Magnus Hall, CEO of Vattenfall.

The first foundation for Horns Rev 3 was placed in the seabed in October 2017 and the first turbines began delivering electricity to consumers on 23 December 2018. During the construction phase, the turbines were shipped from the Port of Esbjerg. From 2024 they will be serviced from the Port of Hvide Sande, where Vattenfall will establish a new service hub.

“It has taken less than two years from the first foundation was built until the inauguration of Horns Rev 3. An impressive achievement of our employees and partners who now have completed the largest offshore wind farm in Vattenfall’s portfolio. It proves Vattenfall’s position as a leading offshore developer and our commitment to making offshore wind a corner stone in a future fossil-free energy system”, says Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Wind in Vattenfall.

Vattenfall won the right to construct Horns Rev 3 with a historically low bid in 2015 and has since then continued its effort to deliver investments in renewables while maintaining profitability and low cost.

In addition to Horns Rev 3, Vattenfall is constructing the offshore wind farms Vesterhav Syd & Nord and Kriegers Flak, adding a total of more than 1.4 GW wind energy capacity to the Danish energy system.

Facts Horns Rev 3

  • Horns Rev 3 will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm and boost the Danish electricity production from wind by around 12 per cent.
  • With a capacity of 407 MW, Horns Rev 3 will cover the annual electricity consumption of approximately 425,000 Danish households.
  • The total height of the 8.3 MW MHI Vestas turbines is 187 metres and each weigh close to 1,500 tonnes, including foundation.
  • The Horns Rev 3 wind farm is located in the North Sea 25-40 kilometres off the Danish West Coast.

Facts: Vattenfall’s wind power

Vattenfall has more than 1,200 wind turbines. The largest wind farms are: Horns Rev 3 (DK, 407 MW), Thanet (GB, 300 MW), Sandbank (DE, 288 MW) and DanTysk (DE, 288 MW).

Installed capacity (MW) and production (TWh) per country (2018):

  • Sweden 356 / 0.9
  • Denmark 337 (excl. Horns Rev 3) / 0.9
  • Germany 588 / 2.6
  • The Netherlands 201 / 0.4
  • UK 1077 / 3.0

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