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PNE chooses power control solution from SCADA International for a new 55 MW mixed windpark

The international software company is to provide their certified OneView® Energy Control Unit a control solution for a new PNE project in Ausbach, Hesse, Germany. The system will control and regulate the power output of 9 WTGs from various manufacturers.

This is the 5th project in 6 years, where PNE Wind Netzprojekt GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of PNE AG, selects the control concept from SCADA International.

PNE is an experienced wind farm developer and operator. The German-based company has continued its corporation with SCADA International for a new wind park project in Ausbach, Hesse, Germany. The park consists of 5 Nordex N149 WTGs, each with a rated capacity of 5.7 MW, and 4 Siemens Gamesa 155 WTGs, each with a capacity of 6.6 MW.  

The OneView® Energy Control Unit from SCADA International will control and regulate the power output from the entire 54.9 MW park, as well as two 3.5 MVar CapBanks to balance the reactive power. By connecting at the Point of Common Coupling (PPC), the control solution can interface to the individual power plant controllers and the CapBanks, and thus control the active and reactive power at one grid connection point.  

This is the first project where the OneView® Energy Control Unit will control WTGs in the immense size of 6.6 MW. 

Growing need for flexibility as the complexity rises

In today’s energy landscape, the ability to control and regulate the power from renewables is becoming increasingly important. Firstly, as more renewables are connected to the power grid, more regulation is needed in order to ensure the balance of the grid and the power infrastructure. Secondly, more power plants are continuously expanded with new assets, e.g., various WTGs, with the consequence that more plants become mixed, increasing the complexity of plant operations.

 For the project in Ausbach, PNE needed a solution that enabled the different WTGs in their park to be connected to the grid at one connection point instead of establishing multiple grid connection points, which typically is a very costly affair. With the OneView® Energy Control Unit, different stakeholders can share the substation and control the parks in one unified system with one grid connection point, enabling cost savings for all parties involved.   

 The OneView® Energy Control Unit also allows different trading companies to control the power output. In that way, plant owners can act independently as they are not bound to corporate with one power trading company. 

 “This solution from SCADA International gives us much flexibility in our plant operations, and we know from our many years of corporation that the control unit is highly reliable and fits our future needs,” says Frank Backhaus, Manager Network Access at PNE.

Collaborating since 2016

SCADA International is happy to yet again work together with PNE. Since 2016, SCADA International has delivered five OneView® Energy Control Units to PNE projects across Germany. 

 “We are very pleased to have a customer like PNE, who honors a long-term customer relationship and sees the value that our solutions bring,” says Thomas Bagger, CEO at SCADA International. 

 For PNE, it is especially the expertise and professionalism that SCADA International brings to the table that instigates the continued collaboration.

“We are always in good hands with the team from SCADA International. The project execution is smooth, and everything is handled professionally and in time,” says Frank Backhaus.

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