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India’s largest power grid company on a knowledge exchange tour to Denmark

In early June, a high-level delegation from Power Grid Corporation of India, the country's largest grid operator, was invited to explore Denmark's energy infrastructure first-hand.

Denmark has a remarkable history of successfully integrating renewable energy into its energy system, ensuring a security of supply of 99.99 percent. This expertise is becoming increasingly crucial as electricity grids face the challenge of integrating growing volumes of intermittent renewable energy sources.

Recognising the potential of offshore wind as a significant contributor to its renewable energy goals, India seeks to leverage Denmark’s invaluable expertise in this field. With over 30 years of experience in offshore wind, Denmark stands as a valuable partner for knowledge sharing and collaboration. The recent visit by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. to Denmark presented a valuable opportunity to tap into Danish insights, best practices, and technological advancements accumulated over the years.

Danish energy infrastructure and offshore wind

The delegation tour commenced at the House of Green, where a roundtable discussion was held on the Danish experiences within offshore wind energy infrastructure. The discussion included representatives from Ramboll, the Technical University of Denmark, and SEAMETRY, providing valuable insights into high-voltage subsea cables. Also, the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Transission System Operator, Energinet, were part of the itinerary, where the delegation had the opportunity to learn from the Danish experiences with offshore wind tenders and infrastucture build-out for offshore wind projects.



One of the highlights of the visit from Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. was a tour to the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, facilitated through Grenaa Port. The wind farm has a capacity of 400 MW, the equivalent of the annual power consumption of more than 400,000 Danish households. Energinet has established the transformer platform that collects the power from the offshore wind farm and the submarine cable that carries the power ashore from Anholt to the transmission grid onshore. Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is owned and operated by Ørsted, who shared their experiences with the development, construction, and operation of the wind farm.

Following the offshore wind farm tour, the delegation visited Semco Maritime and Maersk Training to learn more about the construction of offshore wind substations and safety requirements at sea at Port of Esbjerg. Once Denmark’s biggest fishing harbour, Port of Esbjerg is now a testament to green job creation related to offshore activities. Today, the port is the North Sea’s leading port for offshore wind and base to the Danish offshore industry. The visit to Esbjerg also solidified the key role that the maritime industry holds when it comes to site preparation, installation, and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Watch highlights from the tour:

The Green Partnership

Denmark’s exemplary renewable energy infrastructure combined with India’s clean energy aspirations creates an ideal platform for knowledge exchange, technological advancements, and shared growth. The Green Strategic Partnership between the two countries sets an inspiring example for nations worldwide, highlighting the importance of cross-border collaborations in building a greener, more sustainable future.

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