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Historically large Capacity Expansion: Bladt Industries Invests in Future Offshore Wind

The Danish industrial group Bladt Industries now invests in a large expansion of the production facilities in Denmark. With the expansion, Bladt Industries will be among the first suppliers to produce the foundations for future offshore wind turbines reaching a height of up to 250 to 300 meters

As one of the leading suppliers of foundations and substations for the offshore wind market, Bladt Industries now invests in an expansion of the production facilities at Lindø port of Odense, Denmark.
Over time, Bladt Industries has been part of the supply to almost one third of the world’s offshore wind turbine foundations:

Soon, most wind farms will be dominated by 15 megawatt turbines with a rotor diameter of 240 meters. These turbines require an enormous foundation fixed to the seabed, and now, we are moving one step closer to meeting the future demand, while, at the same time, consolidating our position as one of the leading suppliers of offshore wind foundations and substations, says CEO at Bladt Industries, Anders Søe-Jensen.

Since 2013, Bladt Industries has had production facilities at Lindø port of Odense. Bladt Industries now plans to initiate a new production, where the enormous XXL Monopile Foundations will be manufactured. Bladt Industries expects to be ready to deliver these in 2022. The investment and the size of the production site will be adapted to fit the market demand for monopiles that will reach a length of 100 meters and a diameter of 15 meters. With the length of a football field, these monopiles will weigh over 3,000 tons each:

Each monopile is a gigantic steel construction, and we will be among the first suppliers who are able to produce steel constructions of this size, Anders Søe-Jensen says and adds:

From the production site in Denmark, we can ship the structures international, and we will thus enter into partnerships with our customers in a continuously growing market and thereby consolidate our global market position within substations, fixed foundations and the floating offshore wind foundations of the future.

A Booming Global Market

The global offshore wind market is expected to grow significantly over the next years. In the EU, 12 GW wind power is currently installed, and the plan is to increase the wind power capacity from the current 12 GW to 60 GW before 2030 and to 300 GW by 2050.

In the US, President Joe Biden is also positive news for the Danish wind power industry. As one of his first actions, the newly elected president issued a decree that aims to double the American offshore wind energy capacity by 2030.

In Denmark, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, CIP, welcomes Bladt Industries’ investment:

- We know that the global market for offshore wind energy will grow in the next few years. We also know that the Danish wind power industry must invest massively to keep its leading position which is particularly significant in offshore wind power. Therefore, it is positive that Bladt Industries now takes the next step towards scaling their production capacity in Odense. This will resonate well with the global wind power industry where we need to position ourselves as a pioneering country within wind energy, Partner at Copenhagen Infrastructure, Michael Hannibal remarks.

At Bladt Industries, the first agreements have already been signed with machine suppliers, while the planning of the new productions facilities at Lindø port of Odense has begun. This means that the production of the first XXL monopiles can start already next year and it will eventually create new jobs.

About Bladt Industries
Bladt Industries is a leading supplier within offshore wind turbines. Over the last 25 year, Bladt Industries have delivered more than 2,300 foundations for offshore wind turbines, equalling to almost one third of all offshore wind turbines in the world. Furthermore, Bladt Industries have delivered a large number of offshore substations.

The world’s first offshore wind farm was installed in Vindeby, off the southern coast of Denmark, in 1991. The wind turbines at that time were 0,5 MW with a rotor diameter of 35 meters. Today’s offshore wind turbines are up to 15 MW with a rotor diameter of 240 meters. These wind turbines need foundations that are more than 100 meters, 10-15 meter in diameter and weighing approximately 3,000 tons.

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