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Denmark breaks national record for annual green energy production

During the first ten months of 2022, Denmark has already produced more green energy from sources such as wind and solar power, than in the whole of 2021.

Two months before the end of 2022, Denmark has reached a milestone by surpassing 17.48 terawatt-hours (TWh) of green power production, especially from solar panels and wind turbines across the country. The green energy production accounts for the same amount as the whole output in 2021, a report from Green Power Denmark states.

“Green energy is our way out of the energy and climate crisis. This record shows that the development is going the right direction. This year’s high amount of green power is due to new solar systems and wind turbine plants being implemented. But we can also thank the Danish weather, which has created good conditions for green energy production,” says CEO of Green Power Denmark, Kristian Jensen.

Danish weather favors green energy

One of the reasons for the upswing in Denmark’s green power output is that the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak, which was operational from the beginning of 2021, has been able to produce green electricity for a full year. At the same time, power from solar energy has increased by 50% in Denmark compared to last year, reaching 2.1 TWh at the beginning of November 2022. This is highly due to a Danish summer with a lot of sunny hours.

In general, the weather in Denmark has created a stable supply of solar and wind energy, which is now set to break production records in the remainder of the year:

We have high expectations for the rest of the year. If we continue at the same pace, we anticipate that solar and wind energy will account for 20 TWh this year. This will cover more than half of the annual power consumption in Denmark,” says Kristian Jensen.

The high amount of green energy being produced this year testifies that the development is going in the right direction. And with the political intention of adding even more green energy resources, both on land and through offshore wind, in order to reach the climate target by 2030, Denmark is set to break the existing record in the upcoming years.

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In addition to wind and solar energy, Danish cogeneration plants have produced approximately 3.9 TWh of energy through sustainable biomass.

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