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Green financing

Citizen involvement – creating large impacts with small investments

The citizens of Denmark have a long history of involving themselves in the green transition. In the 1970s, for instance, public opposition to nuclear energy meant that the technology was abandoned in Denmark. Since then, a number of initiatives have helped pave the way for the public to engage financially in the push for a greener future.
21 September 2020

The Danes have a green mindset and they like getting involved in the green transition. A 2019 study among Danish citizens by Norstat for the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities indicated that 67 per cent of the surveyed think Denmark should be a pioneer country and lead the green
transition, even at an increased cost. In another survey from April 2020, approx. 50 per cent of the surveyed even said that they feel the government should spend more money on the green transition.

Where to start when going green?

The Danes are presented with an ever-growing number of ways to financially impact the green transition. Aside from making a conscious choice regarding one’s pension saving as mentioned previously, it is as well possible to choose a bank with a green stance. One has implemented a green bond framework, another has developed mortgage loans for solar PV farms, and a third has gone so far as to only offer car loans to consumers who wish to buy an electric car.

Renovating your private home can as well in many cases be a good investment. Aside from mounting solar PV on the roof, many homes can benefit financially from additional insulation, new windows, installation of a heat pump or replacement of the home’s source of heat away from fossil fuels. The Danish government currently operates with a tax deduction for energy saving initiatives in private homes and in any case, energy renovating your home will often have a short payback time of just a couple of years.

Greening your commute

Danes are known for their love of bicycles  as a means of transportation, and approx.50 per cent of Copenhageners commute by bike to and from work every day. Contrary to what many believe, this is only to a small degree a financial concern and most people bike because they consider it easier and
faster than the alternative. However, public and shared transportation are also popular transport alternatives. In many Danish cities, electric buses and even self-driving busses are emerging and a number of (electric) car-sharing alternatives have as well proven popular with the citizens.

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Investing in a greener future

Some citizens wish to extend their green action further and join forces to create a  greater impact as a group. One option is to pool resources in a  cooperative, which has historically been a popular solution in Denmark. The first cooperatives in Denmark included dairy producers and cold storage
options for households but the idea persists in modern cooperatives for farming, in which consumers buy back land to ensure sustainable farming, and for wind turbines in which consumers buy shares in renewable energy.

Crowdfunding is another option for citizens wishing to make an impact in the green transition. Rather than taking out a loan, entrepreneurs and inventors can enter into a crowdfunding of which there are at least three different kinds. One is donation or reward crowdfunding in which people invest because they like the cause and expect no more than a small reward in return. Another is debt crowdfunding in which investors expect their money back with interest and finally, equity crowdfunding in which investors expect a share in the company or invention.

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