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Aalborg prepares to host international conference on sustainable cities

In October, over 1,000 politicians and civil servants from across Europe will gather in Aalborg to discuss how European municipalities can best support the green and sustainable transition.

Photo credit: City Aalborg

Aalborg 2024: European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns

From October 1st to 3rd, 2024, Aalborg will host the 10’th edition of the European conference on sustainable cities and towns, bringing together thousands of politicians, officials and opinion leaders to discuss climate, environment, and the green transition.

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From October 1 to 3, Aalborg will host the 10th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Communities: Aalborg 2024 – Our Cities. Our Responsibility.

Together with over 1,000 politicians and civil servants from across Europe, the conference will focus on three challenging questions:

  1. How can the interaction between political levels be improved to promote ongoing sustainability?
  2. How can cities and municipalities be the key to a coherent sustainable transition?
  3. How should the sustainable transition be financed?

Aalborg Mayor's invitation to 10th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns: #Aalborg2024

Lasse Frimand Jensen invites you to Aalborg for the 10th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, which we like to call #Aalborg2024.

This year’s conference marks thirty years since the first edition of the event, also held in Aalborg in 1994. We will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Aalborg Charter (1994) and the 20th anniversary of the Aalborg Commitments (2004).

Video credits: ICLEI Europe

Aalborg: A frontrunner towards sustainable cities

Aalborg is known for leading the way towards more sustainable cities. Back in 1994, Aalborg Municipality developed the “Aalborg Charter,” which was later followed by the Aalborg Commitments in 2004. Today, nearly 3,000 cities and municipalities from Europe have signed the Aalborg Charter, while about 700 have signed the Aalborg Commitments.

“In Aalborg Municipality, we don’t wait for solutions but develop them together. That’s why it’s important that we dare to lead and push for more green development throughout Europe. For me, experience development and communities are some of the most important things to accelerate green development, and I am very pleased that we are hosting Aalborg 2024. I look forward to exchanging experiences and developing new approaches to promoting sustainability in European cities,” says Lasse Frimand Jensen, Mayor of the City of Aalborg

“With such a large gathering of politicians and civil servants from all over Europe, we need to utilise the momentum and push so that we can set the right framework conditions for our further work with a green and sustainable transition. The entire conference should ideally conclude with ‘The Aalborg Conditions,’ which will set ambitious frameworks for further work towards a greener future in all of Europe. We don’t wait for solutions, we act together.”

At this year’s conference, the participating municipalities and regions sign the document “The Aalborg Conditions.” This emphasizes to the EU and member states how important it is that local authorities have the right framework conditions to effectively support the green transition.

At the conference, participants can take part in workshops on circular economy, climate agreements between municipalities and businesses, transformation of food systems, energy transition of the existing building stock, and much more.

Discover: The Aalborg Charter

Aalborg 2024 - Our cities. Our responsibility.

From October 1 to 3, 2024, Aalborg Municipality will host the 10th European conference for sustainable cities and communities. The conference will be held at Aalborg Congress & Culture Center, while Kildeparken will be filled with green activities for all interested.

The conference is organized by ICLEI in collaboration with Aalborg Municipality. ICLEI is a global network that works with more than 2,500 regions, municipalities, and urban communities. Their goal is to promote sustainable urban development through local action and international collaboration.

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White paper: Urban green transition

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As the urban challenges line up, we insist on identifying and sharing inspirational solutions and insightful know-how for city stakeholders all over the world to evaluate in the search for effective means to fundamentally improve the cities we call home.

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