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Discover the white paper: Sustainable Industries

Learn about Denmark’s experience within energy, water and resource efficiency in industries ensuring sustainable industries, while discovering cases and solutions showcasing efficiency measures across a wide range of industrial sectors.

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Denmark’s road to resource-efficient industries

All over the world, industries across sectors are facing a pressing dilemma: the escalating scarcity of resources. This calls for a decarbonisation of industries using heavy amounts of energy and water, instead shifting to a focus on sustainable resource consumption through resource-efficient solutions.

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Discover the white paper: Sustainable Industries

Denmark’s road to resource-efficient industries

Discover Denmark’s resource-efficient industries

Presenting insights and lessons from Denmark’s push to make its industries more resource-efficient, this publication gives an introduction to the Danish journey towards energy efficiency in industries, while showcasing innovative solutions from Danish solution providers.

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Energy efficiency - a shortcut to climate neutrality

There is huge potential in reducing energy consumption and utilising excess heat in industrial processes. Discover solution providers and learn more about Denmark’s approach to energy efficiency.

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Securing resource-efficiency in energy-intensive industries

Industries with substantial energy demands, such as the food and beverage sector, rely heavily on energy for production, processing, and product transportation. Notably, the food and beverage industry contributes to approximately 30 percent of global energy consumption within the industrial sector.

Energy-efficient solutions are an important tool to address these challenges. By optimising energy usage and reducing waste, especially in energy-heavy industries, companies can achieve significant cost savings and secure sustainable resource consumption while enhancing their market competitiveness and improving operational efficiency.

Energy efficiency has been an embedded part of Denmark’s mindset for decades, driven by a spectrum of policies, initiatives, and instruments with normative, informative, and economic objectives. Denmark exemplifies the possibility of decoupling economic growth from increased energy consumption, demonstrating the great potential in harvesting low-hanging fruits from conducting energy efficiency improvements.

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