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Well Field Management at Mariagerfjord Vand

16. September 2013

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Mariagerfjord Vand
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Well fields
The Danish State maps ground water resources until end of 2015 to secure future supply of drinking water in Denmark. After 2015 the municipalities have responsibility of securing proper groundwater protection.

Mariagerfjord Vand has already progressed a long way in this process by ensuring future well fields, to be able to provide potable groundwater of high quality in the future, as we do today.

The company producers approximately 1.4 million cubic meters of drinking water. The water originates from 50 to 100-meter depth water wells. Mariagerfjord Vand a|s is constantly working towards minimize and reduce water spillage.

New Well fields
When choosing new sites for well fields and reserve-fields, there are several steps to consider:

  • How to design and place extraction, monitoring and surveillance wells.
  • How to assess geological settings as well as potential vulnerability of groundwater resources.
  • How to be able to interpret hydraulic tests
  • How to assess groundwater chemistry
  • How to ensure a sustainable operation

Emergency Supply
In case of accidents and pollution, we aim to secure minimal consequence for our customers as possible, by having a proper reserve capacity and by establishing ring connections.