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Mariagerfjord Vand

Mariagerfjord Vand


Organisation type: Utility


Wastewater management

Water management

Water supply

Mariagerfjord Vand was established in 2007 as the organising company within the former municipal supplies of water and wastewater in Mariagerfjord Municipality. However, the municipal water supply has been around since 1886.

The company produces, receives, handles, transports and treats water, as well as rainwater and wastewater.

Besides continuously supplying drinking water in sufficient quantities in a very good quality as well as receiving wastewater immediately and cleaning it so that it can be fed back to the natural cycle without harmful effects, we have the task of communicating what we do and why we do it. In this context it is important to get in contact with our consumers, but also other residents in the municipality to be sure that it is communicated that Mariagerfjord Vand currently invests heavily in the establishment of future systems for both supply of water and wastewater discharge, with focus on drinking water quality at both abstraction and supply to the consumer, climate impact and water plans.

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