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Water management

Securing the future workforce through an innovative public-private partnership

21. January 2021

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Aarhus University

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As in many countries, Danish water companies and utilities face a potential sector knowledge gap due to a retiring workforce. To pique interest in a career within the water sector and secure the future workforce, the largest research university in Denmark, Aarhus University, leading companies from the water sector and one of the largest utilities in Denmark, Aarhus Vand, joined forces in an innovative public-private partnership and educational program.

Partnership for a holistic educational program

Through a commitment to the cause by a total of nine partners and 40 guest lecturers, the international water summer school has been created. The summer school is dedicated to reducing the knowledge and workforce gap and designed to upgrade participants in advanced water cycle management skills. Through a holistic overview of water resource management, water distribution and wastewater management, participants are shown the diverse career possibilities of the water sector. Several topics are highlighted, such as groundwater mapping and modelling techniques, resource recovery from wastewater, as well as the globally important topic of non-revenue water management and water loss control.

Extended international network

The first summer school in 2019 attracted 45 participants from 13 countries. The duration of the course was 13 days and provided participants with university credits. It consisted of a combination of lectures, interactive sessions, site and company visits as well as case-based workshops. The summer school presented networking opportunities for both the participants and the water professionals. For some, the international water summer school resulted in a new career opportunity. For the companies and utilities, it indicated a promising start to securing the future workforce in partnership.

The partnership includes:  AVKAQUAGLOBE, GRUNDFOS, KAMSTRUP, NIRAS, I•GIS, DHI, Skanderborg Forsyning, Aarhus Vand, WATEC - Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology.

Image credit: Ida Marie Jensen