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Energy efficiency in buildings

Smart cities


Energy Academy, Samsoe

2. June 2009

Solution provider

Arkitema Architects
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Samsø Energy Academy is where Samsoe communicates all the experience that the island has amassed from its many renewable energy projects. The academy also functions as a conference centre, where companies, scientists and politicians can discuss renewable energy, energy savings and new technologies.

The two-wing academy building lies in the middle of a green meadow with a view of the sea; close to the sea's energy, and with plenty of solar warmth radiating down upon it. The building's form language is a modern interpretation of the local building style of simple saddle-roof houses. Both the design and the materials have been chosen on the basis of sustainable ideas.

The architecture utilises low-energy, prefabricated and high-insulating building components, and the building is clad with zinc, contrasting with black-painted spruce panels. To minimise electricity consumption the academy makes optimal use of natural daylight, sun screening and natural ventilation. Integrated into the zinc roof's distinctive profile are a hidden solar heating system and a visible battery of solar cells. The academy has minimal drinking water consumption and uses rainwater to flush the toilets.