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Egaa Wastewater Treatment Plant is transformed to energy producer

17. May 2016

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Aarhus Water

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Total energy renovation of the treatment plant at Egaa, just outside Aarhus, means that Aarhus Vand is setting new standards for developing treatment plants from energy guzzlers into energy producers.

This has happened through entirely new technologies that exploit the green energy-production potentials in wastewater. The topping-out is a milestone in the technological development of treatment plants towards becoming energy producers. Not only in Denmark, but throughout the world. The goal is that Egaa WWTP will be producing 50 percent more electricity than it consumes.

This topping-out marks the conclusion of a long and exciting process of innovation, in which there were originally 63 ideas from Denmark and abroad to establish ‘the energy-producing treatment plant of the future’. The plant at Egaa was completed on the basis of this innovative approach to developing new water technology and it’s the very nice result of unique and fruitful collaboration between two companies, Envidan and Per Aarsleff, and Aarhus Vand.

Aarhus Vand’s strategy is to be energy-neutral and CO2-neutral by 2030 at the latest throughout the whole water circle. Already today both Egaa and Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plants are supplying green energy to the electricity and heat grids at competitive prices.

The two plants act as demonstration plants to showcase the newest technological advances to Danish and foreign experts and decision makers with an interest in energy optimisation and energy production.

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