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The UN17 Village: A balanced approach to sustainable development

4. September 2023

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Lendager Group

Lendager was founded with the purpose of accelerating sustainable architecture. We enable the green transition in and around the built environment through architecture, urban planning, strategic and material innovation.

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The UN17 Village is the first large-scale urban development project of its kind to incorporate all 17 SDGs. It provides a new model for urban development that prioritises the needs of inhabitants, and creates thriving communities in greater balance with their environment. Accelerating urban construction is fraught with negative climate impacts, resource demands, logistical challenges, and health issues. This project seeks ambitious new standards and partnerships in urban development to increase social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


The project aims to reduce the development’s climate footprint and create quality homes without over-using Earth’s scarce resources. It is organised around six key sustainability themes: building materials, community, physical and mental health, biodiversity, utilisation of water, and renewable energy sources. 


The project will be DGNB-certified to Gold/Platinum level, DGNB Heart, and WELL, setting new standards for Danish residential buildings. It will deliver 1,700m² of solar panels, and collect over 1 million litres of rainwater per year for recycling and recreational use. The project’s CO reduction is expected to exceed 2023 Danish Building Regulations by 30%. 

White paper: Urban green transition

This case is a part of the white paper “Urban green transition”:

A 40-page showcase of why holistic and strategic city planning and development within mobility and infrastructure, climate adaptation, as well as environmentally conscious architecture and construction, must take centre stage in the transformed cities of tomorrow.

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