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Unisense Environment

Unisense Environment

About Unisense Environment

Our business is built around sensor technology for industrial applications. Our vision is to enable seamless online measurement of nitrous oxide emissions.


Founded: 2013

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Aarhus, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Wastewater management

Wastewater treatment


Water management

Water resource management

In 2014, Unisense Environment launched the N2O Wastewater Sensor. Then and now, we aim to make it possible for wastewater treatment plants to reduce their climate footprint by measuring and managing nitrous oxide emissions. Real-time, online measurements of N2O enables the wastewater treatment operators to see the result of their actions directly in the plant’s control system.

Variations in the size and construction of wastewater treatment plants, the composition of wastewater, the weather, seasonal changes, and many other factors influence the emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, data capture from robust and precise sensor systems are essential to reduce the impact on the climate.


Denmark is at the forefront of N2O wastewater monitoring and management. This is partly driven by demands for wastewater treatment plants to reduce nitrous oxide – the legislation will take effect in 2025. This is also the year when the Danish water sector expects to contribute positively to the climate. This is only made possible through the close co-operation in an ambitious water sector where utilities, consultants, public authorities, and manufacturers work together.

N2O Wastewater System

The N2O Wastewater System will help you understand and document the biological processes that lead to N2O formation and emission. When you have installed the system, you can get real-time data from the N2O Wastewater Sensor directly in your plant’s control system. So you will be able to monitor and manage the N2O emission from your wastewater treatment plant.

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