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SEGES Innovation

SEGES Innovation

About SEGES Innovation

SEGES Innovation is an independent innovation company that has been developing new knowledge and concrete solutions for sustainable food production for over 50 years. We also translate our deep knowledge of agriculture and food into advanced software that paves the way for new possibilities


Founded: 1971

Employees: 501-1000

HQ: Aarhus, Denmark

Organisation type: Company



Air pollution in agriculture






At SEGES Innovation we have ambitious climate goals. We want to contribute to the solution of reducing the impact on the environment while providing for a growing world population. We work closely with partners in the agricultural industry, companies and universities from all over the world. Together, we craft solutions for livestock management, the field, and the entire value chain, from farm to fork. We utilise our extensive professional knowledge, data, and the latest digital technologies to create innovations for a sustainable food production.

We develop new production systems that combine yield optimisation with consideration for nature and the environment. Testing new crops for a more plant-based diet. Doing research on animal welfare. Exploring how feed can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cows, and how we can minimise greenhouse gasses from pig manure.

In Denmark, we have resource-efficient farming systems with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world. A testament to our high level of innovation.

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