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MuchMoreWater – mobile water purification solutions

MuchMoreWater – mobile water purification solutions

About MuchMoreWater – mobile water purification solutions

We provide compact and mobile water cleaning solutions from 60 to 50,000lph using filtration, RO and UF technology. This gives you safe drinking water from any water source from rural to urban areas, from refugee camps to rural villages to military operations to emergency setups.


Founded: 2002

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Roskilde, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Drinking water treatment

Recycling of waste to material

Waste management

Wastewater management

Water management


Much More Water design and build modular water purification units. The BlueBox units are self-contained, making the units easy to set up and operate. In some cases, NGOs and agencies leave the units behind after the immediate crisis has passed, making local communities independent and self-sustained.

The water purification technologies delivers chemically pure water from any water source.

Field tested and approved by international relief organizations, NGOs and military organizations all over the world.


Exampels of usage:

Rural areas using solar power delivering water from sea, lakes, rivers or boring holes

Small or large camps for military, NGO, emergency, refugee etc

Emergency areas – have been part of all larger emergencies worldwide the last 10 years

Cities – part of emergency setup when water supply break down

Military – water enroute


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