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KHR Architecture

KHR Architecture

About KHR Architecture

KHR Architecture is one of Denmark's leading providers of of architectural services catering to both public and private sectors. With a human-centric design philosophy, we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries, prompting our clients to realize projects they didn't know they desired.


Founded: 1946

Employees: 51-250

HQ: Copenhagen K

Organisation type: Company



Circular building materials

Circular construction

Energy efficiency in buildings

Green buildings


At KHR Architecture, we are deeply committed to the creation of long-lasting architectural solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also safeguard the future. We understand that sustainability in architecture and construction is multifaceted, requiring a comprehensive approach to address environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Professional architectural advisory

We have specialists that can help you with your new-build, acquisition or transformation project through all phases from the early conceptual stages to the realization of the actual project. Our in house urban planning specialist can even help you make sense of local legislation and pave the way for your project through her close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

We know industry standards

Our Head of Sustainability and team members with know-how in industry certifications and standards such as DGNB, LCA and the relevant EU taxonomy paragraphs, can ensure that your project is aligned with your green ambitions and ESG framework. ensure that environmental impacts are minimized while social and economic benefits are maximized.


We firmly believe that architecture should enhance people’s lives and well-being, fostering relationships, accessibility, and social cohesion. Through user-involvement and qualitative studies, we collaborate closely with clients to create projects that not only function efficiently but also resonate with their users and surroundings.

Social sustainability

Our research unit delves into how architecture can promote social sustainability, informing our design approach to create inclusive office spaces that foster an efficient work climate, educational facilities encouraging diversity and togetherness, and healthcare spaces that prioritize the well-being of patients and staff.

Client advisory and space planning

The most sustainable buildings are those that are not built. Our building advisory team can assist you with building due diligence to allow you to see if and how an existing building can be adapted to fit your organization’s needs. Our space planning and interior design specialists use an evidence-based approach to design a workspace that accommodates working styles and supports organizational objectives in the best possible way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about who we are or how we can assist you with your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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