Energy is an important driver of industrial productivity growth. For a long time Europe has known that energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This White Paper covers insights into Denmark’s experience with energy efficiency across a wide range of industrial sectors through state-of-the-art case examples.

Hidden Potential in the Industry

The industrial sector uses more delivered energy than any other end-use sector, consuming about one-half of the world’s total delivered energy, and energy is an important driver of industrial productivity growth. Energy, on average, represents between 1% and 10% of total production costs – and for energy intensive industries, such as steel, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, cement and construction materials, the share of energy costs is even higher, between 15% and 40% on average.

Energy Efficiency as a Competitive Advantage

Increasing energy prices in most of the world increases the value of energy saved. Technological innovation and the fact that low hanging fruits reappear due to changes in e.g. production volume or input mix, underline the hidden opportunities in investing in energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, investments in energy savings projects in the industry often offer a surprisingly short payback time.

About this White Paper

The aim of this White Paper is to share some of Denmark’s experiences on how to maximise the potential of and benefit from the first fuel, which is energy efficiency. We have gathered the potentials and lessons learned from different industrial sectors, supported by state-ofthe-art case examples showing how to harvest the so-called low hanging fruits with energy efficiency and thereby strengthen the competitiveness of companies and industries. This White Paper can be used as a tool for inspiration to spot the potentials and promote or implement energy saving measures in companies on a global level. It uses cases to illustrate the potential in the different industries, however, it also addresses the political landscape needed to create an incentive and push energy savings in industries.

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