Denmark’s largest waste-to-energy plant operates in all aspects of waste treatment to optimize the resources; sorting and recycling is done in cooperation with production of power and district heating. We are working to minimise wastage and pollution and we treat waste as a valuable resource.

Vestforbrænding handles almost 1,000,000 tons of waste a year, of which approx. 670.000 tons is household waste. Out of the household waste 58 % are recycled, 39 % goes to energy recovery through incineration and 3 % goes to special treatment (including landfill).

Our spheres of waste management:

  •  Recycling
  •  Incineration
  •  Landfill
  •  Management of hazardous waste
  •  Collection of waste
  •  Administration of waste schemes
  •  Consultancy services
  •  Education of students from primary and secondary schools + high schools
  •  Research and development in the waste management field In addition to solving waste management assignments

Vestforbrænding is operating nine recycling centres and the largest incineration plant of Denmark, generating both power and district heating. Owned by 19 municipalities around Copenhagen.  Our 330 emploees service a total of around 925,000 people – this is one sixth of Denmark’s population. In addition, we service around 60,000 businesses.

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Head of Communications, Per-Henrik Goosmann / Head of Education, Allan Laumann

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