City of Copenhagen to Replace Buses Fuelled by Diesel with Electric Buses

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By Anne Vestergaard Andersen, May 12, 2016

Soon, Copenhagen will be able to board a fleet of electric buses. According to new report, electric buses will be the best choice for Copenhagen. Frank Jensen, the Mayor of Copenhagen, agrees.

The new electric buses will contribute to the City of Copenhagen’s goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025. The decision is build on a report from Siemens, which estimates that the reorganisation of the 33 bus lines in Copenhagen, with a total amount of 358 busses, will cost DKK 68 million more per year than the existing buses fuelled by diesel. A major part of this sum, DKK 49 million will be spent on electricity taxes. The current Danish electricity tax policy means that the tax on an electric bus is about 3 times higher than on diesel fuelled busses. However, the Mayor is certain that the future buses in Copenhagen will be electric.

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The Siemens report demonstrates that it is both technologically and financially possible to reorganise the 33 bus lines. The Mayor of Copenhagen have decided to prioritise the electric buses despite the taxes.

Furthermore, the report compares six other green alternatives to the diesel buses, but the conclusion is that the electric buses are the best and most efficient solution – also for the passengers. The report also states, that electric buses, which can be charged continuously instead of overnight, are the best solution. With continuous charging the electric buses will not be in need of a large and heavy battery.

Source: Energy Watch

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