Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden)

Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden) was established as of 1 April 2014 by bringing together research, technology development and innovation grants from the Danish Council of Strategic Research, the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation into one new powerful foundation.

The overall aim of us is to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, in order to strengthen research and innovative solutions that may benefit growth and employment in Denmark.

This is done by investing in, and thus providing risk capital for societal partnership on innovation, thus enabling cutting-edge initiatives to achieve results that have substantial impact for the participating parties and the Danish Society.

Danish export is about being in the forefront of innovation. It is therefore imperative that companies and universities embark on developing new technologies.

We depend on research-based knowledge being brought into action every day at universities and within both large and small companies.

Innovation Fund Denmark will focus its efforts on combining research, technological development and innovation.

Innovation Fund Denmark will also be responsible for the future societal partnerships, where companies, universities and public authorities will work together on challenges facing society today.

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Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden)
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