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DRIP – Partnership developing innovative efficient technologies in the food industry

15. October 2020

Solution provider

Danish Agriculture and Food Council

Population growth, food demand and climate change are major challenges. Food production impacts the climate and, as a result, new and innovative solutions are needed, if we are to satisfy the rising global demand for food, while considering the climate challenges the world is facing.

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The partnership gathers a number of food sector companies, technology providers, universities and research  and technology organisations (RTOs) to produce more food with less water without compromising product quality and food safety. The project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark as a triple helix partnership. Based on societal and business challenges, opportunities and innovation needs, Innovation Fund Denmark wants to enable cross-disciplinary investments in knowledge  institutions and companies – private as well as public.

The projects that receives funding usually have a high-risk profile and high value creation. The DRIP partnerships have gained a EUR 6.7 million investment from the Innovation Fund and EUR 6.4 million from the
participating partners over a 5-year period.