New factory loops two million empty deposit-packaging a day

By Dansk Retursystem, March 04, 2020

On March 9, Dansk ReturSystem will open their new bottle-deposit-system factory in Høje Taastrup. The inauguration is conducted by His Royal Highness the Danish Crown Prince.

One more factory
Dansk ReturSystem has outgrown their current location in Hedehusene and Løsning, where 3.8 million empty cans and bottles are dropped off each day.

Therefore, the new factory will handle the increasing amounts of bottle-deposit packaging and contribute to secure the future of the Danish return-system.

High-Tech Factory
In the past few years, Dansk ReturSystem has had a 30 per cent growth. Moreover, since the summer of 2019, where the deposit-system has included juice, the amount of deposit-packaging increased even more.

Therefore, a new technology has been implemented at the factory, which is able to handle the extra amounts of returned packaging.

”It is a fully automated high-technological factory, which ensures an even more efficient recycling of plastics, aluminium and glass from deposit-packaging – benefitting both the climate and environment. It is a step towards a 100 per cent circular economy,” said the Lars Krejberg Petersen, CEO of Plastforum.

When the new factory is inaugurated, it will be able to handle two million empty deposit-packaging a day.

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