Danish District Heating Association

The aim of the organisation is to influence Danish energy policy and to maintain the leading position of district heating in the heating market.

Danish District Heating Association represents more than 400 district heating companies in Denmark. These companies supply 98 % of the district heating sold in Denmark to more than 1.6 million households.

Our membership base spans from small cooperatively owned companies, supplying a few hundred households, to large municipal utilities, serving several hundred thousand consumers. Member companies distribute heat produced in generating plants owned by themselves or by others. The plants are fuelled with fossil fuels, biomass or refuse.
Heat can also come as waste heat from industry or from geothermic sources.

District heating is the reason for the high Danish energy efficiency. The combined heat and power plants that generate both heat and electricity simultaneously and also the fact, that the heating systems utilise waste heat generated by industry and in refuse incineration, explains why district heating benefits both society and the environment.

The similar concept of district cooling, using many of the same sources of energy as district heating, is also seeing expanding use as a source of comfort cooling of buildings.

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Danish District Heating Association
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