Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark

    Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark

    Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark represents the Danish public and private stakeholders dealing with technological development within hydrogen and fuel cells.

    Denmark has great potential
    The Danish fuel cell industry has potential to become a great success. This potential is build on tre main qualities of the industry:

    • it receives extensive state funding
    • it is characterized by numerous cooperative engagements and partnership formations
    • it has great depth and breadth in its core expertise areas.

    All of this means that Denmark retains a strong position at the very front in the development of hydrogen and fuel cells.

    Hydrogen Denmark 

    The success of the Danish fuel cell industry is in large part based on the strong cooperation of all the national stakeholders: manufacturers, research institutes, network organizations – who, within the organization of Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark, collectively work together towards:

    • coordination and integration of fuel cell activities in Denmark
    • focusing the effort through publication of national strategies
    • communication of international collaborations as prerequisite for international markets.

    Brintbranchen / Hydrogen Denmark is involved in international collaborations within Scandinavia, Canada, USA, EU, South Korea and Japan.

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    Tejs Laustsen Jensen
    +45 39 20 20 03