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Wind to hydrogen: How Denmark produces the fuels of our future

On this 360 virtual tour, discover the sites where leading Danish actors are paving the way for an exciting wind to hydrogen hub and producing the fuels of our future.
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360° Tour - Power to X: Wind to hydrogen

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Video credits: State of Green

The use of fossil fuels in industry and transportation is one of the biggest challenges in decarbonising the global economy. These sectors account for more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. And because direct electrification is not feasible for heavy-duty road transport, shipping, and aviation, we need to exchange their feedstock with a green alternative.

One key solution is to utilise renewable energy to produce green hydrogen from the electrolysis of water.

Wind to hydrogen

Green hydrogen can be used in its pure form as fuel or combined with carbon or nitrogen to produce sustainable e-fuels. The process is known as Power to X and stands to be a key element in a cost-effective transition to a clean energy supply.

The Danish hydrogen and wind industry stands to play a key role in the global green transition of the heavy-duty transport sector. Denmark boasts an ideal geographical position in terms of ample wind resources, a strong wind industry hub and leading-edge solutions within electrolysers, hydrogen gas stations and hydrogen fuel cell-based technologies.

In Denmark, several projects already demonstrate how wind energy can be utilised in green hydrogen production and are paving the way for an exciting wind to hydrogen hub in Denmark.

Some projects are testing the effect of a variable renewable energy source on an electrolyser, some are investigating how hydrogen production can help balance the electricity grid, and some are engaged in crucial sector coupling exercises working towards a dependable green hydrogen value chain.

A common goal

The common denominator for all the Danish wind to hydrogen projects is that they all share the goal of developing industrial-scale production of green hydrogen and sustainable e-fuels for road, maritime and air transport from renewable energy.

To achieve this goal, getting a clear understanding of the necessary and ideal conditions for scaling is imperative. And the Danish green ecosystem has shown itself to be more than willing to support these efforts. Many leading actors on both the public and private sides of the equation are involved with wind to hydrogen projects and lend their expertise.

Together, they are figuring out how to scale the production of hydrogen from renewable energy sources to a capacity that meets the global demand for green fuel – all while ensuring the production of hydrogen is also integrated successfully into our existing energy systems.

On this 360 tour, you will be taken to some of the sites across Denmark, where the potentials of green hydrogen are continuously being explored, expanded and, ultimately, realized.

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