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UK and Denmark to work closer on urban design and circular economy

On 28 June, the Liveable City Conference at the Royal Danish Embassy in London attracted more than 350 professionals from the UK and Denmark, seeking to spur new partnerships and business opportunities within urban planning, green mobility and circular economy. The conference was part of London Climate Action Week.

Under the headlines “Master Planning and the Circular Economy” and “Green and Affordable Mobility”, the Royal Danish Embassy in London and State of Green on 28 June shared insights and experiences within urban design, green mobility and circular economy.

The Liveable City Conference attracted more than 350 professionals from the UK and Denmark with the aim of bridging the two countries’ experiences and expertise when it comes to creating future cities in coexistence with the surrounding nature and its environment. To this, discussions focused on the processes of making cities more liveable, bringing in experiences from recent years where cities around the world – including the cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus – have undergone a remarkable transformation. The discussions left no doubt that circular economy as a vehicle to reduce congestion, eliminate waste and increase economic productivity, can deliver enormous economic, social and environmental benefits in cities.

The conference was a part of the London Festival of Architecture, which takes place throughout the month of June, as well as the London Action Climate Week, which takes place on the day 24 June – 2 July. The seminar “Green and Affordable Mobility” was created in collaboration with the Academy of Urbanism. The series of speakers included:

  • Rosita Aiesha, Senior Strategic Planner, Greater London Authority
  • Daniel Baumann, Partner, Henning Larsen Architects
  • Carolina Eboli, Associate Director, PRD
  • Jacob Heitland, Director of Climate Action, London Borough of Newham
  • Camilla van Deurs, Chief City Architect, Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Audun Opdal, Senior Partner and head of Design, 3XN
  • Kurt Emil Eriksen, Director of Global Public Affairs, VELUX

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