Solar cell record on Fur

By Christoffer Boserup Skov, February 01, 2013

6.4 per cent of all homes on the island in the sound of Limfjorden have put in solar cells; a significant improvement on the national average of 2.38 per cent.

2012 was very much the year of the solar cells in Denmark. By the start of the year, around 3,800 solar cell installations had been registered; by January 2013, that figure had risen to a staggering 61,687 installations.

On the island of Fur, solar cells have been particularly popular: Here, 27 solar cell installations have been registered. With a total of 425 homes on the island, this corresponds to 6.4 per cent of all homes on Fur relying on the rays of the sun for producing electricity.

Persistent focus on green energy

It is no coincidence that the citizens of Fur are so keen on renewable sources of energy. 2011 saw the start of the Innovation Fur development project which aims to develop a model of the green and digital society of the future on Fur.

Among other things, this has included tuition courses on renewable sources of energy, citizens have had access to free energy checks of their homes, and there has been an alternative solar cell campaign. The campaign linked local dedication to green energy; for every solar cell installation sold on the island, EnergiMidt donated a free solar cell module for the Fur village hall. This resulted in 10 solar cell modules for the village hall as well as lower electricity bills, providing the financial resources for future events for everybody at the village hall.

– We have worked quite intensively on motivating people towards green behaviour on Fur. Getting the citizens involved in our projects has meant that they have turned Fur into a centre for green innovation, relates project manager Gitte Wad Thybo. 

Innovation Fur is a private-public partnership between the island of Fur, Skive municipality and EnergiMidt.


Statistics Denmark:

A total of 61,687 solar cell installations have been registered by Denmark has a total of 2.6 million homes.

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