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Recycling of waste to material

Re-Match has obtained an ETV Certification

3 October 2017

Environmental Technology Verification

The ETV certification serves as an official document recognized worldwide, and such certification confirms that Re-Match in fact do what they claim; turning waste into clean separated end products. The concept of the Environmental Technology Verification program is to offer a verification procedure to cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to establish their environmental added value.

No existing standards

The Re-Match process is an innovative environmental technology and because of the fact that our technology is innovative, there are no existing standards or approvals in the market that proves how much the Re-Match technology will benefit the market. The ETV verification is documentation that the Re-Match technology is eco-efficient and contributes to growth within the green economy. 

You can find the full statement of Verification by visiting the official website of the European Commision

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Recycling of waste to material


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